Walk this Way: A Subtle Strategy to Prevent Rounded Shoulders

Rounded, slumped forward shoulders not only affect appearance, but crowd the internal chest organs and can affect breathing and digestion. Stand in front of a mirror with your weight balanced on both feet, arms hanging relaxed at your sides. It is important that you be able to see your hands. Are the knuckles/backs facing forward? Are the palms facing forward? Are the thumbs facing forward? (If the little finger side of the hand is facing forward, something is broken that I can’t fix! 😉 Okay, back to serious. In many, many people, the knuckles are facing forward, which means the shoulders are rounding forward. It is a very subtle difference, but if this is you and you turn your hands/arms out so the thumbs are facing forward, you will notice that it unrounds the shoulders ever so slightly (but importantly) and you feel more upright. This isn’t a forceful exercise, but if, when you are walking about throughout your day, you intentionally ensure that your thumbs face forward, it will keep you more upright and help to slow/prevent the rounding forward slump of your shoulders over time.