“Text Neck” – Beyond Neck Pain

The list on our home page shows how many aspects of life besides neck and back pain are affected by our posture. Breathing/lung capacity and digestion are on that list. Studies show that hunching over a mobile device (something the average American does for 4.7 hours a day) can result in up to 30% less lung capacity. You can test this by sitting up straight and tall and taking a deep breath (your belly should expand as you do so) and then slumping or bending over at the waist and taking a deep breath. The results should speak for themselves: breathing is harder when slumped over. Why is this such a big deal? Consider where your brain (and every other cell and organ in your body) gets oxygen for everything it does…from your lungs…are you willing to compromise that by even 10%? Do yourself a huge favor by sitting up straighter and picking your head up while holding those mobile devices up higher, or consider using them less, or, better yet, do BOTH!!

Sources: Hours per day the average user spends on smartphone (Informate Mobile Intelligence, Feb 2015) ; “Text Neck” (CNN, “Your smartphone is a pain in the neck, “Sep 20, 2012)