Shake It Up!

Part of the reason we have asymmetries in posture is that we have asymmetries in strength and body position due to our handedness (whether we are right or left handed, right or left footed, so to speak) and habits. This not only puts our posture and muscles in a rut, but our brains as well. It can be of great benefit to the body-brain connection to build new neural pathways by doing things differently than we have always or usually done them. Here are some ideas to try with your non-dominant hand/foot to get you started:

~ Brushing teeth with non-dominant hand

~Opening doors (both turning door knobs and pushing doors) with non-dominant hand

~Putting your underwear or pants on starting with the foot opposite usual

~Eating with fork or spoon (more challenging than fork) with non-dominant hand

~Rising from a chair/seat (notice if one foot/leg is ahead of the other and do opposite)

~Writing with non-dominant hand. (This is just for fun because it will be slow and illegible and frustrating if you are writing for a purpose! I do my crossword puzzles with my non-dominant hand because I am not in a hurry and the little boxes guide me!)

~Anything else you catch yourself doing the same way, over and over again, especially if it involves body asymmetry. Often the challenge can be in simply figuring out that the activity is even possible to do another way!

I can pretty much guarantee that when you look at the activities above you will notice that you always do them with the same hand/foot and rarely, if ever, with the other.

Bonus: This doesn’t really have anything to do with posture (or does it?) but with habit. We tend to get in ruts and do things the same ways, including our driving/biking/walking routes to familiar places like stores, work, school, and church. This is another area in which new neural pathways in the brain can be created by taking a different/new route and mixing it up now and again. Have fun with this and get creative…your brain and your body will thank you!